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Chevy Fender Trim

Stainless Steel Wheel Opening Molding, made specifically for your Chevy vehicles.

Beaver Stripes offers TFP Fender Trim, both “Value Trim” and “Second Generation”. This trim is from 1 1/4” to 1 1/2” coverage, including a black rubber seal behind the stainless. Attractive “rolled” design is far superior to all other “stamped” fender trim molding in fit and finish in the marketplace.

Each kit includes pieces to cover all four wheel openings, some SUV's may include 6 pieces because of the rear doors connecting to the rear wheel opening area. Also these kits include fasteners, yet can also be installed with out drilling. We recommend securing the trim with fasteners, but it is up to you. Dry fit is always recommended, along with reading the directions included with the kit.

Keep in mind many vehicle models include different trim and molding packages, so please order accordingly to your model and trim package.

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