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Chrome Body Side Molding

Many new car and truck models are coming out of the factory today with absolutely no protection against door dings, nicks and scratches.  The solution to this problem is installing high-quality Real Chrome Moldings from Beaver Stripes & Dawn Enterprises.
All of our LCM Chrome Moldings are made of high-quality ABS plastic and plated with 3 layers of metal. 1 layer of copper, 1 of nickel and finally chrome. This is the same process used on older metal bumpers and will not scratch or wear as in most of today's plastic plated parts. They are the absolute highest quality chrome parts on the market today!
Each molding kit comes complete with installation instructions, Pro-Clean Prep Pads, and Pro-Bond Adhesive Promoter, making the installation quick and easy.  If a car or truck does not have moldings coming out of the factory, chances are Beaver Stripes has them.

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