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Themes and Accents

This Section is for themed Rolls of stripes along with Striping Accents. Beaver Stripes offers "Pindrops" which are domed (not flat) accents with stripe rolls. These are from Universal Products. Also included will be printed stripe rolls from Sharpline.

We also can offer Personalized and Custom stripe accents, this will be done in house with your supplied graphic or design. We can also combine any color combination or print your design on automotive grade vinyl. You will need to contact us for more information.

"Our premium grade TFX professional striping system was developed exclusively for use in the automotive market. A special adhesive was developed specifically to make it possible to reposition the tape without breaking it or leaving an adhesive residue. It immediately gained popularity and recognition among professional restylers, and now stands alone in the marketplace as the benchmark for all other brands. A full color spectrum is available in both opaques and metallics." Courtesy of Universal Products.

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