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Edge Moldings, this would include Wheel Well, Door Trim, Flexible Trim Moldings. This will also include some of the smaller Body Side Moldings. Below are just some examples of styles, please refer to our online catalog for more details.

Door Edge Molding "U" Style

"U" Style Edge Molding, mostly used for Door Edges, but can also be used for many other projects. We have Customers using this for metal edges on seats, bikes and many other applications. To cover the sharp edges of metal, rough edges of fiberglass or other rough edges to complete certain finished projects.

"L"style Edge Molding

"L" Style Edge Molding, also used on door edges along with wheel openings and some older drip rails. Again this product is not limited to automotive use, or even the vehicle exterior. Anything that you want to add a finished clean edge on, as it is very flexible and moldable. There is even a special PT Cruiser Body line, "L" Style molding, that is designed to add to the body line following the hood to the rear. 


Smaller, Wheel Well and Body Side Moldings. As you can see above, some are designed with a lip, for wheel well trim, can also be used for door trim. Half Round, flat and ribbed style small body side molding, as the sizes get bigger, it gets less flexible. Anything larger than 1/2" we would not recommend trying to install around wheel openings on fenders and such, but it will conform and flex for curves such as in the bumpers and other body lines that just follow the curve around the edge staying pretty much level.

Again as mentioned before, this molding is designed for automotive use, which means it is designed to stay put and hold up under many different elements like cars and trucks do. But if you are working on a special project that just needs a final touch, or a edge finished, these molding may be just what you are looking for.

Also Available, not pictured (yet) is "Pinch Welt" style edge molding, found on many pick up truck fiberglass bed covers. This is thicker, vinyl / rubber coated metal that has crimping capabilities to hold it in place. We have found that many of our customers are looking for replacement for their original, that does not want to stay put anymore. We have also suggested and had many satisfied customers, that instead of looking for a combination of pinch edge molding with the foam/rubber seal attached, try using a separate pinch edge and seal for the bed topper. Contact us for more information, if you would like to see what we are talking about.


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