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Is your Small Business looking for a way to Attract new Clients and Customers?

A Proven way to do this, is to be Consistent and use Attention-grabbing Realistic Graphics on all your vehicles. Take advantage of all the time the vehicles are seen on the road or at a job site, let these potential customers know what your company is all about. Take a look at our new photo album to get more ideas, from simple graphics to the full wrap of a vehicle. Beaver Stripes can work with you and keep it in your budget.

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Vehicle Wraps are one of the most powerful forms of local advertising for small business owners.

Imagine being able to connect with customers and cause them to say… "That's the company I want to do business with". That's the power of Vehicle Graphics Advertising when done properly.

To design an irresistible vehicle wrap you need to include the following elements in each design.

1. Capture Their Attention – You need to cut through the static. Create a crisp message that leaves nothing to the imagination. Clear, simple, short and to the point. This needs to be done effectively with the right combination of graphics and text. The amount of graphics and text will be limited by the size and type of vehicle being wrapped. You only have about 3 to six seconds to get your message across.
2. Communicate a High ROI Offer - Offer something that is of high perceived value in the mind of your customer. It should be something that they are actively looking for.
3. Create Believability - A picture is worth a 1000 words and you only have one chance to make a first impression. The overall look of your design must convey a level of confidence and believability in the mind of your customer. It must be consistent with the information you are conveying to the customer. They must believe you can do what you say you can do and feel comfortable in contacting you. This can all be done accomplished with the right design
4. Create Memorable Message with your Graphics - Clear concise graphics with a controlled flow of information, displayed strategically on the most visible areas of the vehicle will make it easy to scan your message quickly. The URL and phone number must be easy to remember and flow naturally and should be the last piece of information they read. The vehicle should be memorable as you will be counting on repeat viewing to be truly effective.

As you can see the key components of a successful vehicle wrap advertising campaign is all about the customer and how well you are able to connect and convince them that you are the right company to do business with. In order to do this effectively you must first get clarity on who your target customer is and what their needs and desires are.

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Clever ways to get customers to come to you, using Vehicle Graphics

PARK FOR SPARK, in the most visible areas, at every opportunity. Instead of parking at the first available a spot, sandwiched between two vehicles, choose the end spots, closest to the main entrance. Make sure your graphics are exposed for maximum visibility. The extra walk will pay off big.

BECOME A LANDMARK. When parking at your place of business, choose an area visible from the street, away from other vehicles, and park there religiously. People should get used to seeing your vehicle, in that spot, day after day. Eventually they will start coming into your place of business to seek you out.

RUSH HOUR IS POWER. Take the busiest and most congested routes home. It will offer the most opportunity for visual impressions. Vehicle graphics work best, when drivers are in stop and go traffic, and are looking for something or interest, to occupy their time.

MORE IS MORE. Pay someone else to wrap their vehicle with your graphics. This can be as little as covering their monthly insurance, part of a lease payment or gas. In many cases it may be far less expensive than other forms of advertising and much more effective. It can be a family member, friend, employee or associate.

BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION. Drive in the center lane for maximum impact. The center lane gives you the greatest opportunity for maximum visibility from both sides of the vehicle. If possible drive slightly slower than the rest of the traffic so as to increase the number of vehicles passing you.

REMEMBER YOUR ABC's ("Always B Closing"). Carry lots of business cards and get into the habit of cleaning your windows and checking your oil during fill ups at the gas pump. Don't be shy and strike up conversations with other patrons.

AMBASSADOR MENTALITY. Remember that you are driving a mobile billboard for your company so drive courteously and carefully. You cannot afford to annoy or anger anyone, as they may be a potential customer. Reinforce this with employees driving the vehicle.

Read the complete article shared from Derek Creavalle, the founder of

Keep your Company Name and or Logo in front of as many Potential Customers as Possible!

You want your Company to be seen as the Leader in your Industry, Clean and Consistent Vehicle Graphics can help you reach that goal. High Resolution, Photo-realistic Graphics can and will catch the attention of potential customers, whether it be on the road during their daily commute or while your service or delivery vehicle is on the job site.

It is a proven fact that people judge a potential service provider or business relationship from the first impression they have of the company. Again keeping the message, colors and logos consistent will let those potential customers judge your company as top notch.

Studies by the American Trucking Association show that 91 percent of people notice and remember words and images when displayed on trucks. Metro trucks are seen by 14 million people a year. Take advantage; show more than just a name on the side of your fleet. No other form of advertising offers a lower cost per impression value than fleet graphics.
One fleet vehicle with an effective design can generate millions of impressions per year. Imagine the results you will receive with large high quality graphics on your company vehicles, day in and day out.
With our competitive pricing, high-quality printing, and professional service, you'll get an effective mobile ad campaign without the high dollar investment. Why spend more money on static-location billboard advertising, when you can have a mobile billboard leveraging constant mileage and fuel costs already being used. Let the world know your company – wherever you and your fleet happens to be!
Studies shows that more than 95% of Americans travel by car each week, creating a mass audience for your advertising. Branding your business is simplified, considering that 1 wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions each day! Fleet wraps are now being recognized as an extremely cost effective and unique form of outdoor media for all sizes of businesses and company promotions.

5 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Investing in Vehicle Graphics Advertising

Mistake 1. They think of Vehicle Graphics as a cost rather than a revenue stream, so they start by shopping for the best price instead of looking for someone who will help them to make the most money.

Mistake 2. They look at pictures of catchy vehicle graphics designs online and use this as a reference for what they would like their vehicle to look like. Marketing is based on connecting with your target customer and to do this effectively your message must resonate with them. Effective Vehicle Graphics Advertising is not about cute clever or catchy graphics it's about connecting.

Mistake 3. Most Business Owners Investing in vehicle graphics become attached to their vehicles and evaluate the design based on what appeals to THEM.

Mistake 4. Many business owners make the mistake of involving a friend spouse or relative to provide feedback on the design without providing them with the framework for what they are trying to accomplish. The feedback in many cases can be negative or mixed causing uncertainty and can sometimes result in the design going in totally different direction.

Mistake 5. Most business owners target their message at the 6% of prospects that need their services now or in the near future but ignore the 94% that may need it in the distant future or may refer friends and family.

Communicate something of value on your vehicle that viewers can retrieve by going to your website and or call you. This will allow you to build a relationship with them over time and offer other services.
You will be the company of choice when they are ready to buy. Window graphics or specific areas on the vehicle can be used if designed with this in mind.

Read the complete article shared from Derek Creavalle, the founder of

These are just some of the reasons to consider Graphics for Your Business.

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Again we have to consider the travel in the Phoenix area, is mostly done by personal vehicles. But also many of those vehicles' drivers have a need or want on their mind. So why not have your traveling billboard among them? Also think of the added signs you will have when parked in front of your business, especially if can park closer to the traffic flow... 

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Maybe it's just getting your Logo out there, better yet add a little color and creativity for the logo to be remembered. The most important thing to remember again, is to keep it simple and legible. Even if you want to go with a full vehicle wrap, keep it real and simple. We have seen too many times, where the graphics take over the message?... The average driver or passer by only can remember the first few seconds of what they see. So keep your name and contact number bold and clear. You will have better response to your vehicle graphics.

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